• "Badger" Medlar

    "Badger" Medlar

    An older woman who obsessively grooms her graying hair.
  • "Ratline" Rattsberger

    "Ratline" Rattsberger

    A middle-aged ratling with long arms and three missing fingers.
  • Ambros "Fishguts" Kroop

    Ambros "Fishguts" Kroop

    Kroop is a fat man who exudes an air of personal neglect. His only joy, aside from drinking and Cutthroat Grok, are his chickens.
  • Arrell McAroy (deceased)

    Arrell McAroy (deceased)

    Arrell is a middle-aged ex-navy officer. He serves as the second in command aboard the Autumn Star.
  • Captain Angus French (deceased)

    Captain Angus French (deceased)

    An old salt who pilots the Autumn Star, French has converted his old warship into a passenger and cargo vessel and intends to relax in retirement.
  • Conchobhar Shortstone

    Conchobhar Shortstone

    Conchobar is a handsome, honey-tongued gnome who wears a foppish purple hat and an eye patch. His appearance is that of someone pretending to be a pirate, rather than a true buccaneer.
  • Crimson Cogswell

    Crimson Cogswell

    Crimson wears a blue scarf tied tight around his shaven head. He is a loner, and prone to incredible rages and dark moods.
  • Cutthroat Grok

    Cutthroat Grok

    Cut-Throat Grok is the Wormwood's quartermaster, a no-nonsense character with a huge scar across her neck.
  • Devin Airwell (deceased)

    Devin Airwell (deceased)

    Devin Fairwell is a strict fellow who served as a guard for years in Fort Kaldwin. He is now Master-at-Arms aboard the Autumn Star.
  • Fawx Van Jacks

    Fawx Van Jacks

    Fawx is an optimistic young boy from Free-Captain territory with a penchant for adventure.
  • Fipps Chumlett

    Fipps Chumlett

    A fat, pushy bully with bright orange hair.
  • Giffer Tibbs

    Giffer Tibbs

    A bedraggled female gnome with one eye.
  • Jack Scrimshaw

    Jack Scrimshaw

    A young human lad talented at scrimshaw.
  • Jaundiced Jape

    Jaundiced Jape

    A humorless, greedy half-orc pirate with an obvious liver condition.
  • Maheem


    A big Rahadoumi with a permanent scowl.
  • Master Scourge

    Master Scourge

    Master Scourge is the Wormwood's boatswain and master-at-arms, and Mr. Plugg's right-hand man.
  • Mr. Plugg

    Mr. Plugg

    Mr. Plugg is the Wormwood's first mate, second in command to Captain Harrigan himself. A brutal and sadistic bully, Mr. Plugg has no love for the crew serving under his harsh command.
  • Owlbear Hartshorn

    Owlbear Hartshorn

    Owlbear, Mr. Plugg's "pet," is a simpleminded, hulking brute who is usually kept belowdecks in the middle hold.
  • Riaris Krine

    Riaris Krine

    Krine is the master gunner of the Wormwood. Her skin is darkened from countless days on deck under the sun, and her nose has the appearance of having been broken several times over.
  • Rosie Cusswell

    Rosie Cusswell

    Short but fierce, Rosie Cuswell has more muscles than most sailors, and a fouler mouth than all of them put together.
  • Sandara Quinn

    Sandara Quinn

    Crowned with a mane of fiery red locks, Sandara looks like someone not to be crossed. Yet the smile lines at the corners of her eyes and the easy way she holds herself hint at a lighter side.
  • Slippery Syl Lonegan

    Slippery Syl Lonegan

    An unhinged murderer who fled to the skies to escape the gallows.
  • Tam "Narwhal" Tate

    Tam "Narwhal" Tate

    An obviously mad dwarf with several ancient prosthetic limbs.
  • Tilly Brackett

    Tilly Brackett

    A tough joker who likes her rum.