Skies & Shackles

Session 2, 1/30/2013

Day 4: The party is assigned a “special” task by Master Scourge: all four, along with Sandara, are assigned to bilge duty. They discover a ratfolk stow-away named Roland chained in the bilges, who convinced them to help him escape. Orren attempts to talk Scourge into allowing him to work while Renegade attempts to retrieve his gear from Grok once again. That night Orren & Renegade are caught trying to slip into the bilges by Rosie Cuswell, but manage to convince her to keep quiet about the incident and that they can help each other.

Day 5: Work proceeds as normal, but Plugg presents a special entertainment for the night. He drags Owlbear out from his space in the middle hold and forces the party to fight him. Renegade managed to lay two good blows on Owlbear, but Pluggs tossed him a club and Renegade was knocked out quickly. Orren refused to fight, but was forced to by Scourge. In an act of defiance, he refused to fight and was quickly beaten by Owlbear, then sent to the mast for disobeying orders. Roland was chosen next, and noticing a blind spot on Owlbear’s left, managed to dodge his blows long enough to land a solid punch to his kneecap. Owlbear gave up the fight quickly, and after a brief and sad attempt to force him to continue, Pluggs called off the fight. Roland, having earned the admiration of the crew, also gained Owlbear as an ally.

Session 1, 1/23/2013

Day 1: The Autumn Star, a passenger and cargo ship en route to Fort Kaldwell, is attacked by pirates. The party were all incapacitated in the attack.

Day 2: The party awoke on-board the Wormwood, the pirate ship which attacked and sank the Autumn Star. They learned that they had been press-ganged, along with four other survivors. Mr. Plugg, the second in command aboard the Wormwood, tested the new recruits. Renegade was chosen to work in the rigging, Orren was assigned to be a swab, and Gull was sent to the galley to work with Ambros “Fishguts” Kroop, the ship’s drunken cook.

Day 3: Fipps, Syl, Aretta, and Jaundice Jape, four pirates on Scourge & Pluggs’ good sides, assault the party in the morning in order to make them late for work. Orren and Fipps drew blades, and Orren was whipped for injuring Fipps. Renegade was able to intimidate Fipps into submission, but later killed him by forcing him to over-drink in a game of heave.


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